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Hourly Pay: $11–25 per hour
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Most Assistants have an hourly pay of $15 in the United States. The top 10 percent of make over $25 per hour. The best-paid 25 percent make over $19/hour. The lowest-paid 25 percent make under $12 an hour. The bottom 10 percent make less than $11 hourly.
$28.00 to $35.00 per hour.
Annual Bonus.
5 years of oral surgery back office experience.
Compensation: $100,000 - $120,000.
Assistant Monro, Inc.
Bonus - $1000.
2+ years of automotive and sales experience.
Work Remotely.
Experience: Teaching: 1 year.
Assistant WhoWhatWhy
Working remotely.
Assistant Aspen Dental
Life Enrichment Assistant Acts Retirement Life Communities
1 year of post high school job experience.
Assistant 7 Eleven, Inc.
Profit sharing.
Assistant AmTrust North America
Assistant Dollar General
1 year of experience in a retail.
Fawkes IDM
3+ years of experience.
Great Expressions Dental Centers
Pay and bonus.
5 years relevant construction experience.
7 Eleven, Inc.

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