17 Teacher Jobs in Colorado Springs, CO

Hourly Pay: $14–30 per hour
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Most Teachers have an hourly pay of $22 in the United States. The top 10 percent of make over $30 per hour. The bottom 10 percent make less than $14 hourly.
Jeffco Public Schools
Salary Range: $43,274.00 - $60,868.50.
3 years of elementary experience.
Travel Incentives.
Atlas Preparatory School
Compensation Annual salary $38,000.
Bonuses of $2,500.
English Teacher TipTop ESL Ltd
Competitive salary between $16 - $26 USD per hour.
Plus bonuses.
Elementary Teacher Atlas Preparatory School
Compensation Annual salary $38,000.
Signing bonus.
Teacher Thomas MacLaren School
Compensation: Pay range: $30,000-$40,705.60.
Primrose School of Springs Ranch
Bonus Program.
Substitute Teacher
2 years' experience.
Substitute Teacher ACCEL Schools
2 years' experience.
Teacher ACCEL Schools
Compensation-Benefits Salary range is $42,500-$55,000.
Substitute Teacher Colorado State
Salary $16.50 Hour.
Elementary Teacher GetSelected.com
Salary Range $40,000.
English Teacher GetSelected.com
Salary Range $40,000.
Substitute Teacher Cedar Springs Hospital
Teacher Primrose School of Springs Ranch
Substitute Teacher Atlas Preparatory School
Early Childhood Teacher Early Learning Academies

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